Antenatal Care

To orient the participant to key concepts in antenatal care (ANC), including the importance of focused (goal-directed) ANC.


By the end of this course, the participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the global significance of ANC in light of the new model of focused (goal-directed) ANC
  • Explain the goals and principles of focused (goal-directed) ANC
  • Describe the elements of a focused (goal-directed) assessment
  • Explain the importance of screening for problems, rather than for the prediction of problems, in focused (goal-directed) ANC
  • Describe the components of individualized care provision, including the birth- and complication-readiness plan
  • Discuss the major issues in the prevention and treatment of anemia during pregnancy
  • Discuss the major issues in the prevention and treatment of malaria in pregnancy
  • Discuss the special considerations in the care of the pregnant woman who is infected with HIV
  • Discuss the special considerations in the care of the pregnant women who is infected with syphilis
  • Describe the signs and symptoms that may indicate major life-threatening complications during pregnancy
  • Discuss the programmatic issues involved in utilization of focused (goal-directed) ANC services
  • Discuss the programmatic issues involved in quality improvement, supervision, and monitoring of focused (goal-directed) ANC services


We greatly appreciate the invaluable help from the following individuals in developing this course:
Annie Clark, American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM)
Sylvia Deganus, Tema General Hospital (Ghana)
Frances Ganges, Independent Consultant
Patricia Gomez, ACCESS
Quazi Monirul Islam, World Health Organization (WHO)
Matthews Mathai, World Health Organization (WHO)
Ellen Piwoz, Academy for Educational Development (AED)
Timothy Quick, USAID
Harshad Sanghvi, JHPIEGO
Jim Shelton, USAID
Mary Ellen Stanton, USAID
Patricia Stephenson, USAID
Teresa Tirabassi, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs
Jelka Zupan, World Health Organization (WHO)