Family Planning Counseling

This course explains the importance of counseling in family planning service settings and introduces key family planning counseling skills.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify the benefits of good family planning counseling, including increased contraceptive method continuation, increased client participation, and decreased method discontinuation
  • List key counseling tasks for each category of family planning clients: new clients with a method in mind, new clients with no method in mind, returning clients with no problems, and returning clients with problems
  • Discuss the basic skills required for good family planning counseling, including identifying clients' needs, tailoring counseling, respecting clients' decisions, and practicing good interpersonal communication
  • Identify examples of interventions that improved family planning counseling and discuss why they were effective
  • Identify key family planning counseling tools and resources that support clients, providers, and programs


We wish to thank the following individuals for their assistance in the development and review of this course:

  • Jim Shelton, USAID
  • Catharine McKaig, JHPIEGO
  • Holly Blanchard, JHPIEGO
  • Sharon Rudy, GHFP
  • Jan Kumar, EngenderHealth
  • Sarah Johnson, WHO
  • Rebecka Lundgren, Georgetown University
  • Chris Davis, CCP
  • Megan O'Brien, CCP
  • Sara Mazursky, CCP
  • Teresa Tirabassi, CCP